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Accelerate your branding, acccelerate your business!

Our 3M Preferred Installers will wrap just about anything! Fleet Graphics, Recreational Vehicles, Company Cars, Walls, floors, Coolers, Vans, Buses and more.

Watch a Vehicle Wrap in Action

Partial Vehicle Wrap SunFM

Vehicle Wraps

Can your business afford not to be seen?  JAFA's wraps will work for you 24 hours a day! Meet with the Jafa Crew to determine what wrap will best suit your budget and company needs. We will take photos and measurements and supply you with design renderings.  Complete with a printed wrap, UV laminate and certified installation .  Our 3M Advanced Trained Installation crew has a combined experience of over 100 years wrapping vehicles. Acccelerate your business today!

  • Basic Cut Vinyl

    Basic Cut Vinyl

  • 1/8 Wrap

    1/8 Wrap

  • 1/4 Wrap

    1/4 Wrap

  • 1/2 Wrap

    1/2 Wrap

  • 2/3 Wrap

    2/3 Wrap

  • Full Wrap

    Full Wrap

  • 1/4 Car Wrap

    1/4 Car Wrap

  • 1/2 Car Wrap

    1/2 Car Wrap

  • 3/4 Car Wrap

    3/4 Car Wrap

  • Full Car Wrap

    Full Car Wrap

Food Truck and Commercial Wraps

Make your food truck or commercial vehicle stand out from the crowd. Get noticed with a truck wrap design and have specatcular advertising wherever you go! Contact us today to discover how we can help you.

Food Truck Wraps
Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Get noticed wherever your crew goes! We'll keep your brand consistent amongst all of your company vehicles with our fleet wraps! Whether you have 2 company vehicles or 100, we'll keep them moving in style!

Other Wraps

We can wrap just about anything! From utility boxes, to quads, to campers to boats and even helicopters! Create a buzz with your newly designed wrap!

Traffic Box Wraps